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Despite the power of Mo Fan's Basic Spells, he was unable to blast Zhao Ji's Light Element shields away. Zhao Ji was using a Spirit-grade Light Element Soul Seed, granting him a sturdier defense.

Her forehead was covered in sweat from the heat of the rising sun. It was still night time. If it were midday or afternoon, the place would turn into a furnace, baking them to death.


Don't be too full of yourself! snapped Wei Rong.

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I've got one more question.

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Don't let them reach the mountain. It's an order from the Head of the Royal Guards! We have to stop them! said Liu Zhongming.

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And everything had happened because of his inability!

Dongfang Ming found himself in a rather awkward position. His speed at aligning Star Patterns was significantly faster than anyone else, and sometimes he could even cast an Intermediate Magic faster than someone casting a Basic Spell.

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She hated the vampire, hated him for taking away the person dearest to her!

Liu Ru's eyes were filled with tears, yet she was still holding onto the same persistence, You're too full of yourself. You're just like a filthy spirit that kept on disturbing me, that I didn't even bother treating seriously.

The mist was blue-black in color. Mo Fan even hid some distance away to observe it, but to his surprise, the mist quickly spread to his area. Within seconds, his vision was shrouded, preventing him from seeing clearly.


He began announcing the ranking of the students for the month, before distributing the resources.

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There was no point in keeping it, since he was desperately in need of money to get himself a Contracted Beast. It was said that a Contracted Beast was a real money-burning commitment.

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Li Yujie wore a complicated gaze when Mo Fan withdrew his magic.

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Students in the top fifty will be given two Soul Seed Pieces and a Fire Element Magic Tool. Ai Tutu, what is this Fire Element Magic Tool useful for? asked Mo Fan.

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That sounds convincing... but what if it's another reason? asked Xinxia worriedly.

Nemo Enim

Mo Fan glanced at the White Sand Giants pursuing Zhang Xiaohou in the clouds of sand. Left with no choice, Mo Fan decided to ask Xinxia to cast her Psychic Spell. Otherwise, Zhao Manyan would be a dead man. He would think of some plan to get rid of the White Sand Giants later after saving his life.

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Isn't the institute full of Magicians? Why would someone commit a crime there? That sounds rather strange, mused the policewoman.

Why choose us?

Mo Fan could not see his face clearly, as a strange mist was concealing it. It was most likely a common method used by the vampires to hide their faces, as they could not afford to expose their appearances, if they had to hide among humans...


On a side note, since he was a regular visitor here, he must be one of the rich people living in this residential area.

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Mo Fan raised his head and saw giant purple lightning bolts flashing above the dark clouds. Countless Lightning Stars were connecting together in a rapid pace. It looked like the trailing paths of meteors intertwining with one another, resulting in stunning Star Patterns.

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What is this? It's hard and black? said Mo Fan.

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The Demoness' eyes flickered as she controlled the Magicians who had lost consciousness.

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The Demoness dared to control the worn out Magicians and Mo Fan, who was still an Intermediate Magician, but she would never dare to control the Fiery Sorceress, as her extraordinary spirit would simply reflect it with a force capable of shattering the Demoness' mind.

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