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He was not the only person with an outstanding Innate Talent in the world. There were others with extraordinary talents who were almost unbeatable against opponents of the same level, too!

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A strange cry was heard. It felt like it had come from higher above, or from other trunks that had branched off from the main trunk.

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It's within our territories, so we will surely do our best to defend them. However, for those that rejected the plan, if someday your country is facing the same problem and is asking for our help, please remember the attitude you've shown us today... Shao Zheng stood up and headed for the door.

Mo Fan recognized the Sinister Spider Trap right away. He felt like his chest was about to erupt like a volcano when he saw Pan Xi using it against Mu Ningxue.

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However, considering that Mu Ningxue had slowly begun to accept him, Mo Fan suddenly decided to stay at Feiniao City for the time being instead. He should make use of the chance to talk and flirt with her more.

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Well, I'll have to discuss it with the Elders of the Magic Association first, Wang Dakuo deferred.

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It was the same for anyone who was trying to infiltrate the Black Vatican. It was like climbing down into a pitch-black abyss without any safety devices. You could never tell if there were traps ahead, nor how deep the abyss was...

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The Hillmen were quite intelligent. Even though a huge number of them had gotten close to the group of humans, they still showed no intention of attacking recklessly.

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A bet? The old herdsman could not believe his ears.

Mo Fan was not in a rush. The Preventive Committee had already allocated an expert to spy on Cheng Ying. All he needed to do was to improve his strength.

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The Hillmen had to die!


However, the calmer she sounded, the angrier Li Ling felt, as if his chest was about to explode!


The grass split apart. A man panting heavily with a red face showed up in front of them. However, it seemed like Mo Fan had no clue that the group was trying to regroup with him. He maintained his speed and raced past them.


The process was conducted smoothly. They soon discovered the confidential information that Su Qingqing had leaked and traces of her sending the information to outsiders. They also found things that could possibly identify her as one of the Black Vatican among her belongings.

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So he's Mo Fan, the one they referred to as the strongest participant in the World College Tournament!


Luckily, the headquarters of the Donghai Magic Association was established on the island a long time ago. Lots of magic formations and magic barriers were helping the island retain its spectacular appearance.


The light was faint yet spectacular in the night. The faint light loomed over an area. The blue-brown surface of the barrier felt slightly mysterious.


Got it! Old Zhao, hang in there! Mo Fan nodded.

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Mo Fan took a look at it, and saw that Feiniao City was indeed very close to it.


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Mo Fan lifted his gaze. He was struggling to see the sky because of the tall grass around. However, he soon noticed a huge canopy at the edge of his vision!

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I already warned you guys, but none of you listened. There are times when you shouldn't be so greedy. You still have other chances to make money, but you only live once, Mo Fan sighed. This woman was actually quite lucky considering what happened to the other girl and Guo Muzhuang...

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Acknowledged! Bola knew he had failed to fulfill his obligations, as he had failed to protect Mu Ningxue. He was well aware of how angry Mo Fan was!

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Deeper within the valley, Mo Fan and his crew began to pick up their pace. The grass ahead was being split apart like waves. The areas where the grass was too dense were set aflame instead, burning the grass into ashes!

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I'll trade him for your adorable Little Flame Belle, Nighthawk said with a smile.


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